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Toilet Partitions and Accessories

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Distributors of Division 10 Products in the Baltimore Metropolitan Area

At R.B. Fulton Company, we provide quality Division 10 products to the commercial building industry.  Since 1938, we have been buying directly from the manufacturer's, so we can get you the best price.

We offer a wide selection of specialty items from various categories.  Our main customers are commercial general contractors, but our services are also available directly to business owners, individuals, and organizations.  So, if you need some new toilet partitions to spruce up your bathroom, we are the company you need to call.

R.B. Fulton Company

Products for Commercial Buildings

We can ship products anywhere and we offer
professional installation in Baltimore area.  We
pride ourselves on having exceptional customer
service.  Our Division 10 Specialties include:

Toilet Partitions
Toilet Partitions
Toilet room accessories
R.B. Fulton Company
Soap dispensers
R.B. Fulton Company
R.B. Fulton Company
Cubicle Track & Curtains